At Medco, we take immense pride in the quality of our uniforms and scrubs, ensuring they meet the highest standards in both design and material. 

You will find care instructions on your garment tag, but to maintain the exceptional quality of your Medco uniform, here’s a comprehensive care guide.

Essential care instructions

Avoid bleach: Please refrain from using bleach on our uniforms. Instead, opt for your preferred laundry detergent or a non-chlorine bleach for cleaning.

Washing guidelines

Always wash your Medco uniform with similar colours to prevent colour bleeding. Avoid mixing whites with coloured garments.

Refer to the garment care tag for the recommended washing temperature to extend the life of your uniform.

Washing tips

Consider adding a teaspoon of white vinegar to your laundry water before detergent and clothing. Vinegar disinfects and prevents colour bleeding when handwashing.

Sort clothing into categories for washing. Dark colours like navy and black can be washed together, while whites should be separate. Similarly, reds and pinks should have their category.

Care while washing

Use the delicate cycle for washing to preserve the quality of your Medco uniform.

Apply a stain remover before washing to combat stains effectively.

Additional care tips

Turn your uniform inside out before washing to prevent colour fading and protect the fabric.

For the first two washes, choose the lowest heat setting if you’re using a dryer.

Opt for line drying or flat drying when possible for a gentle drying experience.

More tips for Medco nurse’s uniform

Separation after shifts: Keep used and clean uniforms separate, especially if you have multiple uniforms.

Pocket precaution: Empty your uniforms pockets before washing to prevent damage from items like pens, coins, or tissues.

Clean handling: Use clean hands while handling your uniform, especially after dealing with soiled garments.

Care label reminder: Always check the care label on your garment for specific wash temperature and additional instructions.

Ironing or tumble-drying: Uniforms can be ironed or tumble-dried as per the instructions on the care tag.

By adhering to these care instructions and being mindful of your garment’s care tag, you’ll ensure a longer life for your Medco uniform, maintaining its quality and durability.

Rigorously tested

All the materials we use in our uniforms have been rigorously tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK for dimensional stability to machine washing. 

Any questions?

If you ever have questions about caring for your garment, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team at 026 41681, email us at info@medco.ie, or fill in the contact form.