We at Medco are dedicated to providing healthcare uniforms and scrubs that combine superb quality with affordable prices.

We’re glad to offer bulk-buying discounts for orders of 15 items or more, for both uniforms and non-medical supplies. 

At our manufacturing facility in Cork, we ensure that every uniform attains our exacting standards. For larger orders, we can reach out to our manufacturing facility in China, which pays the same attention to quality and detail as we do.

Our bulk-buying discounts aren’t just for hospitals and companies. Groups looking to purchase 15 items or more can also benefit. 

If you have any questions or want to explore these discounts further, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team at 026 41681. 

Samples – try before you buy 

Our uniform experts will be happy to visit you on-site, show you samples, and answer your questions. We also offer a measuring and fitting service if you need a little extra assistance. 

You can also place an order with single items of the styles or sizes you want to try out. For example, you are not sure about the sizing so you want to get the full spread of sizes so that everyone concerned can try them. Once they have all confirmed the size that fits them, you can return the unwanted items for a refund.

Or, if you are not sure about the precise colour you want, you can order samples of each colour and return the sample you do not want for a refund.

We provide free delivery on orders above €39.

All uniform items can be personalised to a colour of your choice, embroidered with your logo or customised with a band of piping/trim.

Talk to us…

You’re welcome to get in touch to ask about discounts, samples or custom-designed uniforms, or to arrange a fitting or sample viewing. Just call our customer care team at 026 41681, email us at info@medco.ie, or fill in the contact form. 

Medco, where quality, comfort, style and affordability combine to serve Ireland’s healthcare professionals.