The team here at Medco provide a professional embroidery service that allows you to personalise your uniforms with a logo, trim or both. By adding a trim or band of piping to uniforms, we are distinguishing the wearer from those who may not be a part of your team. This splash of colour adds a certain professional appearance to an otherwise plain uniform and is particularly helpful for those who wish to establish an identity within the healthcare sector.

Over the past 35 years we have found that the most popular colour choices for piping and trims tends to be in the blue and green range, however we are happy to offer you an extensive range of colours to choose from.

Costs for piping and coloured trims start from as little as €2 and will not exceed €3 per item.

We realise the importance of the healthcare sector and how delayed deliveries can impact on your team, so when you order our trim or embroidery service you can still avail of our next day delivery option.

Medco is also proud to carry trims for both Waterford Regional Hospital and Temple Street Children’s Hospital as part of our extensive range.

For those of you who require catering uniforms with a trim or embroidered logo, we are happy to provide a full range of catering jackets to meet your every requirement.

Get in touch by filling out the form on our contact page or by calling 1890 930 080.