At Medco, we understand the significance of personalising your uniforms with logos, text or trim. Such simple touches not only enhance your professional appearance but also ensure you are easily recognisable as part of a professional team. 

In hospitals and the healthcare sector generally, customised uniforms help to provide a sense of security for patients while also instilling a sense of unity and recognition among staff.

Our in-house embroidery team can add custom logos, colourful piping, eye-catching trims, business names, or the names of team members. This level of customisation, which strengthens your brand identity and ensures that people recognise you as part of a professional team, starts at just €2 per item.

When you have chosen your product, and its size and colour, simply select ‘Add embroidery’ and go through the steps that follow.

Quality embroidery, expertly crafted

Our embroidery and monogramming service uses state-of-the-art techniques and premium materials. Once our skilled embroidery team adds that personal touch to your uniforms, you can rest assured of quality that will last and embroidery that adds a touch of class. 

How to order logo embroidery 

You can select one of our stock logos or upload your own logo.

All we need from you is a copy of your logo in any of the following formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, PDF or TIFF.

To customise your order, simply select ‘Embroidery’ underneath the product listing and upload your file. From there, leave it to us; you can sit back, relax and await the delivery of your order. It may take up to 15 working days for delivery, but we can assure you it’s worth the wait. 

Adding text 

For an embroidered name or title, you can specify the text, font and thread colour. 

Colour: For thread colour, it’s best to select a colour that stands out from the colour of your uniform or scrub; for example, black text on a navy uniform would not stand out, whereas yellow on navy would.

Font: A block font generally works best for a name or job title. (Block fonts have rigid corners, lots of straight lines and are often all caps, and the strokes are usually equally thick.) If you prefer a script font, note that capital letters might not work well depending on the text you are adding.

Embroidery charges

Experience our comprehensive embroidery service for a nominal fee of €6. Enhance your products and showcase your individuality with our exquisite embroidery, adding a unique touch. 

Please note, this service extends the delivery timeline by approximately 10 days, but we try to expedite this process whenever possible. 

Notably, there are no costs associated with digitising your logo, ensuring a seamless transition to personalised embroidery. 

Adding trim or piping

We offer uniform trims and piping in an extensive choice of colours. The splash of colour adds a touch of professional appearance to an otherwise plain uniform and is particularly useful if you wish to establish an identity within the healthcare sector.

Blues and greens are the most popular. They cost just £2 to £3 extra, and in the vast majority of cases the uniforms are still delivered by the following day.

Most nurses and hospitals opt for white uniform with coloured trim or piping, often customising it with their facility’s logo.

Simply select your colour trim using the drop-down menu on the product page, or contact our customer care team at 026 41681 if you have any further specifications.

Embroidery sampling

For initial orders seeking embroidery across multiple items, especially incorporating a new logo, requesting a sample is crucial. Prioritising quality assurance is key due to our policy of no returns on embroidered items. 

Because we seek to ensure your satisfaction with the final product, the sampling process is essential. We highly recommend obtaining a sample to review the embroidery’s appearance and ensure it meets your expectations before proceeding with the complete order. 

Returns: Please note that once an item has been embroidered it cannot be exchanged.

We also supply the catering sector

As a Health Service Executive (HSE) contract supplier, Medco plays a vital role in providing workwear and catering uniforms to the culinary departments of hospitals and nursing homes across the nation. 

Our commitment extends beyond merely delivering apparel; we cater to the specific needs of catering professionals and the healthcare sector. We specialise in supplying high-quality uniforms, offering a diverse range of options such as catering jackets and uniforms. 

What sets us apart is our capability to add customised trims, embroideries, logos or text, which adds a professional and personalised touch to the attire. Whether it’s a hospital kitchen or a care facility, our uniforms are designed to meet the stringent demands of these environments, ensuring comfort, durability and a touch of individuality. 

We understand the importance of a well-presented and cohesive team, which is why our range of clothing isn't just about functionality; it's about representing the pride and professionalism of those who wear our uniforms. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our embroidery service, or if you are unsure about selecting embroidery for large orders, just get in touch with our customer service team by calling 026 41681, emailing us at info@medco.ie, or filling in the contact form.