HSE Uniforms

Order HSE Uniforms Online or call for assistance

The Medco team has been supplying HSE uniforms for many years and has several well-established relationships with public hospitals, private hospitals and nursing homes throughout Ireland.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our HSE uniform to meet the individual needs of each facility. More hospitals and wards than ever before are requesting that staff customise their uniforms in terms of style, colour, trims and embroidery. We offer all these additional options at great prices, enabling each member of staff to emulate their facility’s branding identity.

Our experience in working through HSE tendering processes in the past means we can offer purchasing officers real savings and practical solutions today. Our staff are happy to arrange an on-site visit and discuss our bulk buying discounts and samples service.

We also supply significant quantities of student nursing uniforms to both third-level institutions and hospitals themselves and can organise a fitting session with your team if needed.

We have recently added HSE uniform accessories to our catalogue, including jackets and shoes. We also stock large quantities of non medical healthcare supplies such as non-woven disposable (modesty) gowns, bed sheets, trolley covers andpillow cases.

Browse our large selection of NHS uniforms and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.