Creche Uniforms

Order Childcare Uniforms Online

Our nurses uniforms and scrubs are just as suitable for the childcare industry as they are for hospitals and nursing  homes. Childcare facilities all over the Ireland use our scrubs and tunics as creche uniforms to give their organisations a smart, professional and recognisable image.

What really makes our service stand out for creche owners is the quality and durability of our uniforms and the little extras we offer. You can choose from a range of colours, including soft pinks, greens and lilacs, to help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for children. For as little as £2 extra per item, you can also have your logo or the name of each member of staff embroidered on your childcare uniforms, helping enhance the reputation and branding of your business.

Ordering Your Childcare Uniforms

We offer bulk buying discounts on orders of 15 or more childcare uniforms and most deliveries arrive at their destination the very next day. Simply browse our website to find suitable creche uniforms for your organisation, or contact us via phone or email if you have any specific requirements for customisation.