At Medco, we understand the significance of customizing your uniforms with logos or text. This simple addition to your team's attire ensures a professional appearance and easy identification at all times. Personalization of uniforms holds particular importance in the healthcare sector, instilling a sense of security for patients while fostering recognition for your team of medical professionals. Our embroidery and monogramming service employs state-of-the-art techniques and the finest materials available. Once personalized by our expert embroidery team, your uniforms boast quality that endures and embroidery that exudes sophistication. Trust Medco for embroidery that not only lasts but also adds a touch of class to your uniforms.

Setting up embroidery with us is a simple process:

For Text Only or Previously Embroidered Logos:
If you're opting for text only or have had your logo embroidered before, follow the 'add embroidery' instructions when adding a scrub top to your cart.
Input your embroidery details while selecting the size. For multiple scrub tops in different sizes, add embroidery details individually for each item. For large orders, contact our customer service team for assistance.

Setting Up Your Business Logo for the First Time:
Follow the 'add embroidery' instructions when adding a scrub top to your cart.
You'll be prompted to upload a JPEG or PNG file of your logo during this process.
Once we receive your order, your logo is converted into a DCS file.
Our embroidery team handpicks thread colors based on your logo.
A sample of your logo embroidery is created and sent to you for approval before completing the order.

Thread Colour:

To ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness, steer clear of text colours that closely match your scrub's hue. For instance, avoid black text on black or navy scrubs, or red text on red or wine-coloured scrubs.

Font Selection:

Opting for the BLOCK font often yields the most professional outcome. However, if you lean towards script fonts, be mindful that certain characters, especially in uppercase, may not translate well depending on the text.

Group Orders:

When embroidering multiple items for the first time, particularly with a new logo, it's crucial to order a sample beforehand. This ensures satisfaction and avoids potential time and cost implications, as embroidered items cannot be returned.

Pocket Placement:

If you wish to embroider your scrubs' pockets, reach out to our customer service team first. They can advise on feasibility based on pocket size and placement.

Personal Note:

What we find most exciting about our work is the diversity of projects. Each logo presents a unique challenge and opportunity for creativity! - Chris & Tim