The team here at Medco are strongly committed to the protection of our environment and realise the importance of environmental best practice throughout our organisation. Wherever it is possible and practicable we strive to operate our business activities, manufacturing process and sourcing of materials in harmony with the surrounding and wider environment.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are the cornerstone of our business and we continue to adapt our practices on an ongoing basis to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that collective responsibility is vital to the welfare of our planet and we are committed to maintaining best practices throughout the lifetime of our business.

Medco Environmental Responsibility Programme (ERP)

Medco operate and adhere to our in-house Environmental Responsibility Programme (ERP), which is based on continuous improvement, ongoing environmental education and the promotion of best practices within our organisation. 

Every member of the Medco team has pledged their support for the ERP and all are passionate about what we can do to protect our environment.

Environmental Management

Effective environmental management is vital to the success of our Environmental Responsibility Programme (ERP) and we have taken great care to ensure this has been fully integrated into the management of our business. We fully believe that strong environmental performance is key to demonstrating effective corporate management.

Medco Operating Practices

Not only to we strive to meet all of our environmental legal obligations, we are committed strongly to surpassing these obligations and setting new standards for the industry. Leading by example has always been a driving force behind Medco Limited and we intend to take this to new levels through our Environmental Responsibility Programme (ERP). Year on year we are reducing our carbon footprint, introducing new more environmentally friendly practices and informing our suppliers about our waste disposal practices and in turn their responsibilities to meet our exacting standards. 

Environmental Objectives at Medco

We are committed to minimising the use of resources and encouraging the re-use, recycling and responsible disposal of any waste products. Our objective is to continually reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes and embrace new sustainable technologies and practices.

To learn more about our Environmental Responsibility Programme (ERP) or to speak with us about our reduced carbon footprint, please feel free to contact a member of the Medco team on 1890 930 080.