Care Instructions

Our medical and catering industry uniforms are made from materials that are specifically manufactured to suit their working environment. They offer durability, style, colour and comfort, and customers should check their garment for specific washing and care instructions ahead of its first wash.

None of our uniforms should be bleached – rather use a non-chlorine bleach or laundry detergent of your choice - and wash with other similar colours or uniforms at the required temperature.

Also, add a tablespoon of vinegar (white) to the water before you add any detergent or clothing. Vinegar prevents the material from bleeding. It is also a great disinfectant, thereby doing two jobs at once.

It is always best to separate your uniforms into different categories and do not wash those categories together. Whites, darks (navy uniforms and black uniforms can be washed together), reds (you can also wash pink uniforms with red uniforms), light colours that are not white and do not fit into any other category, and finally your “other coloured” uniforms (green scrubs or uniforms, turquoise scrubs or uniforms, etc.) Not only will this prevent the colours from running and unintentional dyeing, moreover it will prevent pilling.

Wash your nursing uniforms on the delicate cycle. Your medical apparel will last longer if you always wash it on the delicate cycle. Our material has been tested to a 60 degree wash however, normal use will practically never warrant washing at such a high temperature.

And finally, if you have time to line dry or flat dry your uniforms, they will last longer. But, if you live in the real world with the rest of us, throw them in the dryer on the lowest setting possible. Your uniforms shouldn't shrink after they have been washed once or twice, so always start with a lower heat setting and you can increase it the next time you wash and dry your garments.

Stain removers can be used to remove tougher stains before washing, and it is also recommended that you turn the uniform inside out to prevent fading and protect the fabric over longer periods of time.

The material used in the manufacture of all our uniforms has been tested for ‘dimensional stability to machine washing’ by a UKAS-accredited laboratory facility in the UK and our support team in Cork is always happy to help with any additional enquiries customers may have.

By following these washing instructions your uniforms will look better and last for longer.

Home Care Instructions for your Nursing Uniforms

To ensure that your uniforms remain smart and will serve their purpose we recommend the following washing and care instructions.

After each shift, it is recommended to wash the uniforms, if possible separately, to ensure maximum cleanliness and longevity.

The following guidance on the home laundering of uniforms is for all staff who are unable to access a local laundry and consequently take uniforms home to launder.


  • Used uniforms should be kept separate at all times from clean uniforms.
  • Ensure all items such as pens, coins, tissues are removed from pockets.
  • Apply good hand hygiene practice utilising soap and warm water before handling clean uniforms and after handling soiled uniforms


  • All uniforms should be laundered at the highest temperature suitable for the fabric as per the care label and guidance below.


  • Use a detergent that is suitable for your skin type.
  • Do not add bleaches to the wash process or use for a ‘whitening’ effect.

Tumble Drying/Ironing

  • Uniforms may be ironed or tumble dried as per the care label and guidance above.

Storage and Transportation

  • Ensure laundered uniforms are stored separately from used uniforms.